Makhdoom Najaf, Muftee

Prevalence Of G.Ilt. Namatodes In P:Heasants At Lahore Zoo/Jallo Wildlife Park & Its Chemotherapy With Oxfendazole (Oxafax) & Febental [Rintal] - 1993

This experiment was conducted to find out that efficacy of various anthelmintics in birds (Pheasants) for the treatment of Ascaridia, Heteraki and Trichostrungylus.

Thirty six pheasants naturally infected were selected for study. They were divided into 3 groups that in A, B & C. The anthelmintics used were Rintal and Oxafax. They were given to Group A, B respectively. Group C was considered as control to know the increase in the number of eggs per gm. of feces during the experimental period, showing the increase as 2375 and 2908 and 8.34% and 32.66% on third and seventh day of experiment.

Fecal samples were obtained from pheasants owing to Punjab Wildlife Department, i.e. Lahore Zoo and Jallo Wildlife Park, Lahore brought to Medicine Lab., College of Veterinary Sciences Lahore of -rye samples were done:

a. Before the administration of drugs.
b. After 3rd day of treatment.
c. After 7th day of treatment by using MC. Master technique.

As regards the efficacy of the drugs, the Rintal was found highly effective and reduced 90.58 eggs per grams of feces, Oxafax reduced 82.42%.

In addition to effectiveness, Rintal was also the cheapest, anthelinintic out of two. So Rintal was recommended for field use. It was observed thak incidence of infection (Ascaridia, Heterakis) in Lahore Zoo was 25% and incidence of infection in Jallo Wildlife Park was 23% overall incidence was 24%. In Lahore Zoo the prevalence was 60.11% for Ascaridia and for 1-leterakis 38.88% whereas in Jallo Wildlife Park, Lahore it was 65.21% for Ascaridia and for Heterakis 34.78% respectively.

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