Shaukat Ali

Estimation Of Calcium, Phosphorus & Copper Levels In Serum Of Buffaloes, Suffering From Parturient - 1991

75 buffaloes suffering from parturient haemoglobinuria and 25 healthy buffaloes were recorded for study. The samples and data were collected from 8 districts of Punjab. (Sargodha, IChushab, Gujranwala, Shekhupura, Okara, Sahiwal, Kasur and Bahawalnagar). Buffaloes in prime age and good health were mostly affected near parturition or after parturition. The highest percentage of cases was noted in 3rd lactation (36%), January (46.44%) and in post-parurition conclisition (88%). The Analysis of urine samples of affected buffaloes revealed the presence of haemoglobin, and light brown to coffee colour.

The clinical findings were haemoglobinuria, haemoglobinaemia, anoxic anaemia, voiding red coloured urine, weakness, constipation, staggering gait and slight rise of temperature that in later stages becomes subnormal.

The green fooder offered were Turnips, I3arseem and Sarsoon, during the winter season were low in phosphorus contents and considered to be predlisposing factor of disease.

The inorganic phosphorus and copper levels showed a decrease of 44.01% and 43.67% respectively where as serum calcium level increased by 1.89%, in the clinically affected animals.

In Pakistan an increase in incidence of disease has been noticed every year, where as only one Biochemical profile i.e. Serum Inorganic phosphorus level has been identified for investigation its etiology. The number of other factors like, serum, iron, dextrose, behaviour of R.B. C's. during disease and before seasonal fodders, and soil mineral contents are to be analysed for its detail etiological investigations. Our reserach institutions as well as educational departments are requested to reproduce the disease in healthy pregnant buffaloes for remedial measures, as well as its proper control.

Department of Pathology


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