Akmer Junid, M

Anthelmentic Efficacy Of Nigellia Setiva Seeds (Kalwanji) Albendazole, Fenbendazole And Oxpendazole Against Gastro-Intestinal Nematodes In Goat - 1992

The present project was designed to test the Antheimentic efficacy of Nigellia Setiva Seeds (Kalanji) at different dosage levels against nematodes in goats.

During the first phase of study ant helmentic efficacy of Nigeilia Setiva Seeds (Powder) was tested at different dosage levels but anthelmentic efficacy was not observed at the dosage levels ranging from 20 mg to 5gm/kg body weight, it was concluded in the first phase of study that Nigellia Setiva Seeds has no Anthelmentic efficacy against G.I.T. nematodes in goats. During the second phase of this project clinical trials were conducted to test the anthelmentic efficacy of Nigellia Setiva Seeds (Kaiwanji), Oxfendazole (Systanex) Albendazole (Valbazene) and Fenben- dazole (Panacur) against the G.1.T. nematode infection in goat under field conditions. Result of Second experiment support the zero percent anthelmentic efficacy of NigeIlia Setiva Seeds (Powder) at the dosage level of 1 gm/kg body weight in goats. Anthelmentic efficacy of oxfendazole (4,5 mg/kg), albendazole (5mg/kg) and fenbendazole (50mg/kg) was observed to be 100%, 98.45% and 97.99% respectively against G.I.T. nematodes infection in goats.

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