Abdur Rauf

Effect Of Trypanosomiasis On Various Blood Components And Its Correlation With The Antemortem Examination Of The Camels - 1993

Trypanosomiasis in camels caused by trypanosoma evansi occurs in both acute and chronic forms. In chronic forms huge production losses occur, i.e. lower milk and meat yeilds. The present study has been designed to find out the incidence of the disease, estimation of blood, protein, glucose, total erythrocytic count, total leukocytic count, differential leukocytic count and its correlation with the antemortem examination of the camels, which will eventually lead to the control of trypanosomiasis.

For the incidence, blood samples were collected from Lahore abattoir and the confirmed by making smears staind with linera stain. Out of 500 samples 31 were proved to be positive (6.20%).

Haematology showed significant difference regarding its comparison with the normal averages, except eosinophils. The average values of total blood protein, total glucose, total erythrocytic count, total leukocytic count, neutrophils, lymphocytes, eosinophils, monocytes and basophils were found to be as 8.96 gni/lOO ml, 30.91 mg/100 ml, 6.54 millions/micro, lit, 14.29 thousands/micro. lit, 31.77%, 63.4%, 1.84%, 1.29% and 1.03 respectively.

The correlation of antemortem examination with the laboratory finding of total erythrocytic count, total leukocytic count, differential leukocytic count, total protein and total glucose showed increase of blood glucose lymphocytes and total leukocytic count and decrease in total erythrocytic count, Neutrophils, and total protein with different ranges of temperature pulse, respiration, body condition and hump state.

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