Irshad Hussain Bhatti, Ch

Epidemiological Studies On Trematodes Infestation In Buffaloes In District Gujrat - 1991

The study was designed to find out the prevalence and intensity of treinatodes infestation in Buffaloes in Distt. Gujrat. For this purpose twenty villages out of 1516 were randomly selected. The study period was from January to May, 1991. The data were based on:

1. Informations obtained from nine Veterinary Hospitals regarding trematodal treated buffaloes.
2. Information obtained from buffaloes owners by interogations regarding trematodes infestations in buffaloes in the selected area.

3. Findings of five hundred buffaloes faecal samples from twenty villages.

4. In order to record the actual trematodal infestations, two hundred stomach and livers alongwith their bile-ducts were inspected in three abattoirs in District Gujrat.

Data collected from Veterinary Hospitals indicated that 1252 (19.39%) out of 6554 buffaloes were positive for treinatode infection.

Informations collected from owners of the buffaloes of twenty villages showed that 133 (17.52%) out of 746 young buffaloes and 689 (21.92%) out of 3143 adult buffaloes were effected with trematodes.

Five hundred faecal samples were tested by fresh smear and sedimentation method from twenty villages and found that 144 (28.8%) buffaloes were suffering from trematodes in District Gujrat.

In order to determine the intensity of fluke disease in the infected animals, quantitative faecal examination was done and it ranged from 30 - 87.6 epg indicating that the disease is likely to be pathogenic.

Overall incidence of trematodes recorded in slaughtered buffaloes was 76.5%.

It was concluded from the findings of the study that treinatodal infestation in buffaloes in District Gujrat are quite prevalent necessitating to adopt appropriate measures to control these infestations.

Department of Parasitology


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