Asif Suleman Sahi

Studies On The Bactgerial Causes Of Uterine Infection In Buffaloes And Cows With Special Refernce To Corynebacterium - 1993

A total of 200 samples of uterine discharge comprising 171 buffaloes and 29 cows showing signs of endometritis were included in this study. The material was subjected to bacteriological examination.

Monoinfection was seen in case of 164 animals (141 buffaloes and 23 cows) while in case of 17 animals, mixed infection was revealed.

The relative incidence of different organisms in cows and buffaloes was calculated. Of 29 cows suffering from endometritis, 25 proved to be bacteriologically positive while of 171 samples from buffaloes suffering from endometritis 141 cases were positive due to specific organisms.

The incidence of different species of bacteria was Staphylococcus aureus 19.48 percent, Streptococcus pyogenes 7.79 percent, Streptocoçç bovis 4.32 percent, Corynebacteri urn pyogenes 23.33 percent, Corynebacterium bovis 5.19 percent, Escherichia cc ll 12.98 percent, Proteus vulgaris 9.52 percent, Pseudomonas aeruginosa 4.32 percent, Bacillus cereus 7.79 percent and Bacillus megaterium 5.19 percent.

Department of Microbiology


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