Ashraf, M

The Effects Of Induced Coccidiosis On Growth And Blood Parameters In Commercial Quails (Coturnix Coturnix - 1994

The study was designed to see the effects of experimentally induced coccidiosis op growth and blood parameters in commercial quails (coturnix coturnix japonica). For this purpose 200 day old quail chicks were obtained from a local hatchery and raised under standard, controlled coccidia free conditions. A commercial coccidiostat free feed was provided. At the age of 21 days, birds were divided into 2 groups A and B each comprising 100 birds.

Birds of group 'A' were kept as non infected control and birds of group 'B' were infected with I ml of coccidial inoculum having 50,000 sporulated oocysts given directly into crop. After the infection, the OPG of the both groups was recorded. Weekly weight gain/bird of both A and B group was recorded. Meanwhile the morbidity, mortality, clinical finding and post-mortem finding were also observed. At the end of experimental period of 42 day, 20 birds from each group were slaughtered and blood sample were collected for haematology.

The weight of birds in group 'B' was significantly lower than that of group 'A' birds. The morbidity and mortality rate in group B were 100% and 38% respectively.

Department of Parasitology


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