Abbas Ali, Syed

A Study On Gastro Intestinal Nematodes Of Camels Slaughtered At Metropolitan Corporation Abattoir Lahore With Taxonomy Of The Isolated Species - 1993

The present study was carried out to determine the incidence of gastro-intestinal nematodes of camels, with the taxonomy of the isolated species. Sixty guts were examined rendomly at the rate of 15 guts per month from August to November, 1993. The adult parasites were collected, fixed and preserved. The whole mounts were prepared. The faecal samples were examined and the EPG was estimated using McMaster egg counting technique. The taxonomy of the isolated species was determined by examing the whole mounts, according to the morphological characters given in the keys. The five species of nematodes representing different genera were isloated and identifed as Haenionchus ion gistipes, Izlaemonchus contortus, C'ainelostrongy!us mentulatus, Neniatodirus spathiger and Trichuris giobulosa.
The overall incidence recorded from camels during the present study was 65 percent. The morphological characters were studied by preparing permanent mounts and were described.
The findings of the present study will help in planning programme for the control of parasitic disease, especially caused by the above mentioned species of nematodes of camels in Pakistan, which will contribute to the development of animal industry by providing much effective coverage for the devastating effects of the parasites and will ultimately enchance the production of milk, meat and hides.

Department of Parasitology


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