Sarfaraz Ahmad, M

Comparative Evaluation Of Tension Band Wire And Steel Suture For Repair Of Transversepatellar Fracture In The Dog - 1994

The fracture of patella usually falls in a special type of fracture, which is not treated by ordinary limb and bone fixation devices. Hence emphasis is given to counteract the distracting forces and to convert them into compressive forces to achieve the desired effects. Different types of internal fixation devices have been tried in the past for the repair of avulsion fractures like Tension Band wire, compression screws, compression plates, an steel sutures.

This study was conducted on 20 mongrel dogs divided into two groups of 10 animals each. These groups were designated as group A and group B. Two methods, Tension Band wire and square steel suture were used for the repair of transverse patellar fracture in dogs.

In group A, the right patella was surgically exposed, fractured and repaired by Tension Band wire with Thomas Splint on the same limb when the operated dog started bearing weight on its operated leg, the left patella was exposed and repaired using same technique but without Thomas Splint.

In group B the right patella was repaired by square steel suture with Thomas Splint. After six weeks, the left patella was operated and repaired using same technique but without Thomas Splint. The dog of each group was kept for a period of 16 weeks after surgery. The results were obtained on the basis of their clinical and radiographic picture.

The results of this study indicate that the use of steel suture is a better fixation device for the repair of transverse patellar fracture.

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