Waseem Shahzad

A Clinico Epidemiiological Study Of Bacterial And Parasitic Causes Of Respiratory Syndrome In Sheep And Goats - 1997

In Pakistan sheep and goats production is playing a very important role in bridging the protein gap among our population. Sheep and goats not only provide us high quality meat for our consumption but also wool fibre and high quality leather. In Pakistan every year there is lot of mortality due to respiratory tract infections in sheep and goats especially due to pneumonia which results from a variety of causes' namely, bacterial, viral, parasitic, mycoplasmal and fungal etc. It causes high economic losses due to increased rate of mortality. This study was carried out on two hundred sheep and goats of either sex including all age groups brought to out door hospital of College of Veterinary Sciences, Lahore during February 1997 to June 1997. In the present study isolation and identification of bacterial and parasitic etiological agents of the respiratory tract problems in sheep and goats was carried out. According to this study many bacterial agents causes respiratory problems in sheep and goats, out of 132 positive nasal samples Pasteurella multocida was isolated from 32 (24%), . haemolytica 43 (33%), Corynebacterium 26 (20%), 23 (17%), Streptococcus 18 (14%) and Escherichia ççjj 20 (15%) from affected sheep and goats. Similarly many lungworms cause respiratory problems, out of 82 positive faecal samples Dictvocaulus filaria was isolated from 76 (92.6%) and Protostrongvlus rufesence 6 (7.3%) from affected sheep and goats. The haematological study of the infected and non infected animal showed that there were decreased values of total erythrocytic count, packed cell volume and differential leucocytic count and increased values of total leucocytic count and erythrocytic sedimentation rate of affected animals.

Department of Clinical Medicine & Surgery


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