Tariq Mahmood Khan, Major

A Comparative Evaluation Of Sodium Alginate, Potasium Aluminium For Enhancing The Immunogenic Response Of Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Vaccine - 1998

The present project was designed to study the comparative efficacy of three different adjuvants (Potassium aluminum sulphate, mineral oil and sodium alginate) for enhancing the immune potential of haemorrhagic septicemia vaccines. A special media was prepared for the production of alum precipitated vaccine, sodium alginate vaccine and oil adjuvant vaccine. It was concluded that addition of various ingredients, including yeast extracts, cane sugar, sodium chloride and casein hydrolysate in proper concentration, increased the number of bacterial population in culture media and HS organism developed its full antigenic characteristics due to availability of essential required nutrients. Mouse model was chosen to study the safety and potency test of all the three vaccines. The potency of all three vaccines was compared and calculated by a standard method of Ose and Muenstar (1968). In this experiment APV proved inferior to SAV and OAV with the log protection value of 3.2 and 3.6. Sodium alginate vaccine gave better results with log protection value of 3.9 and 4, but slightly inferior to that of oil adjuvant vaccine. However, a plus point of this vaccine is that it is easy to prepare and simple to administer. The alginate alone is non immunogenic, it forms a stable, colloidal transparent solution in water and is devoid of disadvantages in commonly used chemical oil adjuvant. Oil adjuvant vaccine provides much better results with log protection value of 5.2 and 5.8 as compared to APV and SAV. After storage at room temperature, only 1.2 % separation of oil phase occurred being for less than the tolerable limit of 5%. The final product formed was creamy and whitish in colour and evenly adhered to the surface of glass bottle. Undoubtedly advantages of alginate vaccine lie in the simplicity and easy administration but the immunity conferred by oil adjuvant vaccine is of longer duration.

Department of Microbiology


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