Shahan Azeem

Effect Of Various Growth Promoting Antibiotics On The Immune And Digestive Systems Of Broiler Chickens - 2002

This project was designed to study the effects of growth promoting antibiotics on immune and digestive systems of broiler chickens. This study indicated that un-medicated un-vaccinated chickens had the higher body weights than the vaccinated un-medicated or medicated chickens.

Flavomycin, Lincomycin and Zinc bacitracin did not adversely affect the mean weights of spleen, thymus and livers of experimental chickens. However, the use of lincomycin, adversely affected the weight of bursa of' Fabricius. Furthermore, the use of Flavoinycin, Lincomycin and Zinc bacitracin did not have any adverse effects on the development of antibody titers against NDV and AIV. The total viable microflora counts of different treatment groups were not different from each other.

Evaluation of the economics of flocks at the end of the experiment indicated that un-medicated, un-vaccinated groups had higher profit returns and the Lincomycin medicated, vaccinated groups demonstrated lowest profit.

Department of Microbiology


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