Muhammad Yaqoob

Prevalence Of Clinical Mastities And Diagnosis Of Subclinical Mastitis In Cross Bred Cows - 2002

The study was conducted to find out the prevalence of clinical mastitis and diagnosis of subclinical mastitis in crossbred cows in and around Lahore. One hundred crossbred cows were selected in and around Lahore.

The data for clinical and subclinical mastitis was collected by different means such as observation, palpation of udder, by streaks and surf field mastitis test. Prevalence of clinical mastitis was estimated by collected data. In this project the prevalence of clinical mastitis was 14.23%.

Prevalence of clinical mastitis in different farms was different. In three selected farms "Farm A, Farm B and Farm C", the prevalence of clinical mastitis was 16.66%, 12.72% and 13.33% respectively. For diagnosis of subclinical mastitis, samples were collected from selected farms. One hundred crossbred cows were selected. Two different tests were applied for diagnosis of subclinical mastitis such as surf field mastitis test and white side test. The overall percentage of subclinical mastitis was 12.62% with both tests. The percentages of three farms were as such 10%, 14.54% and 13.33% respectively.

Department of Clinical Medicine & Surgery


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