Tauqeer Basit, M

Prevalence And Chemotherapy Of Nematodes Infestation In Wild And Dometic Pigeons And Its Effects On Various Blood Components - 2003

Apparently healthy one hundred wild and one hundred domestic pigeons were purchased from the local market which were kept for a period of thirty days under observation. They were subjected to coprological examination for the presence of nematode eggs. One group of forty naturally infested wild pigeons and other group of forty domestic pigeons were selected. They were infested with Ascaridha columba, Capillaria obsginata and Ascaridia gjj one or more type of nematodes.

All the forty domestic pigeons as well as forty wild pigeons were divided into eight groups comprising of ten pigeons each. Among the domestic pigeons three groups i.e. D1, D2 and D3 were treated with Ivermectin, Oxfendazole and Piperazine respectively while the fourth group i.e. CD was titled as an un-treated control group. Similarly the three groups i.e. WI, W2 and W3 of wild pigeons were treated with Ivermectin, Oxfendazole and Piperazine respectively while the fourth group i.e. CW was kept as controlled untreated group. Egg per gram was done on day zero, tenth and twenty first day of experiment. On zero day of experiment after taking the fecal samples Ivermectin, Oxfendazole and Piperazine were administered in DI and WI, D2 and W2, D3 and W3 groups of pigeons respectively.

The efficacy rate of Oxfendazole, Ivermectin and Piperazine in the domestic pigeons was 60%, 100% & 80% respectively while the efficacy percentage for wild pigeons was 50%, 100% and 80% with the treatment of Oxfendazole, Ivermectin and Piperazine.

The Ivermectin treated group showed the best results in term of lowest EPG st day post treatment and hemoglobin estimation was maximum i.e. 10.8mg/dI in DI and WI as compared to control group. Similarly TLC was minimum i.e. 0.2million Ofl 21st day of the experiment in the lvermectin treated group of domestic pigeons.

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