Azher Javed, Malik

Effect Of Different Egg Storage Periods Temperature And Humidity On Fertility And Hatchability Of Broiler Breeder - 2001

This project was made to study the effect of different egg storage periods, temperatures and humidity on fertility and humidity of broiler breeder eggs.

A total of 200 eggs were obtained from (lie flock of 32 weeks of age oil a single day collection basis. After collection eggs were cleaned, fumigated and stored on different temperatures (4°C, I 6°C ambient and room temperature) and groups A, B, C, D and E and relative humidity of 80%. Eggs were equally divided into five groups. Each group was further subdivided into 4 replicates having 10 eggs each Group A (consists of 40 eggs 10 from each temperature) was set in incubator after the storage of one day as a control group for comparing with the other four groups. The rest of the four groups were set after the storage of 3, 6, 9 and I 2 (lays. Alter incubation, the effect of five different storage periods on four different temperatures was studied for the following various traits, i.e. fertility percentage, hatchability percentage, clear eggs percentage, dead in shell % and chick weight. The results showed that as the storage period increases on different temperatures 4oC, 16oC ambient and room temperatures it effect the hatchability (P<0.01%). Hatchability decreases after the storage of 6 days. Fertility and clear eggs were not effected by increase of storage length. In case of dead in shell it was observed that as the storage time increases the dead in shell increase significantly (P<0.01%). The results of chick weight Storage of eggs is very important from hatchery as well as farmer economic point of view. By storing eggs under better environment, both the producer and consumer achieve the healthy and quality chicks.

Thus the objective of this study was to demonstrate the effect of different eggs storage time under different temperatures and humidity on fertility and hatchability of boiler breeder eggs.

Department of Livestock Production


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