Abdul Majeed

Use Of Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone For Estrus Synchronization In Nili Ravi Buffalo - 2001

Sixteen Nih Ravi buffaloes having postpartum period of 197±27.48 (Mean ±SE) days were randomly divided into 2 equal groups viz A and B (n=8). Estrus was induced and synchronized in buffaloes of group A by administering 75 mcg GnRH analogue (25 mcg/ml) intramuscularly on day 0 (first day of experiment). The buffaloes, showing estrus during day 0 to 7 were inseminated and were not given PGF2 alpha injection. The animals those did not exhibit signs of estrus till day 7, were injected with 0.150 mg Cloprostenol (0.075 mg/mi) intramuscularly. Buffaloes of group B served as control group and were not given any hormonal treatment. Animals in group A were observed for estrus from day 0 to 16 of the experiment, whereas the buffaloes of group B were bserved for natural estrus from day 0 to 26. Estrus was detected with the help of teaser bull. Artificial insemination was carried out mainly on the basis of standing heat. In group A, 4 buffaloes responded to the treatment and exhibited the estrus. One buffalo exhibited the estrus on day 5 following the injection of GnRH whereas three buffaloes exhibited the estrus on day 2, 4 and day 5 following the injection of PGF2 alpha. In group B, 2 buffaloes exhibited natural estrus, one on day 3 and the second on day 11 of the experiment.

Variation in the interval to estrus may be because of huge difference in the postpartum days of animals. The duration of estrus in group A (24.62±O.96h) was significantly different (P>O.05) as compared to group B (20.25±O.33h). No difference was observed between group A and B towards the expression of estrus symptoms. Two animals from group A, conceived at induced and synchronized estrus at first service, whereas one animal conceived from group B.

It is concluded that the select synch protocol is useful for synchronization of estrus in buffaloes with promising conception results. It is indicated that select synch protocol is also applicable for induction of estrus in buffaloes of variable postpartum intervals, it seems that select synch protocol will be an effective tool if used in cycling buffaloes during early postpartum days.

Department of Theriogenology


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