Rashid Ghaffar

Chemotherapeutical And Hematological Studies Of Experimentally Induced Cocidiosis In Pigeons - 2004

This project was designed for the Chemotherapeutical and Haematological studies of induced coccidiosis in pigeons. For this purpose three anticocidials were used. These were ancoban (Amprolium), Supercoc (Sulphaquinoxaline) and Phytocox (Herbal Product). These were used alone and with the addition of vitamin A and K. Some Haematological Studies were also done i.e. total Leucocytic Count (TLC), differential leucocytic count (DLC) and Haemoglobin (Hb) estimation.

One hundred and twenty healthy young pigeons were obtained and were provided coccidiosis free feed. These pigeons were divided into eight groups viz; A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H comprising 15 birds each. 30,000 viable sporulated oocysts were inoculated directly into the crops of pigeons of group A to G.

The medication was started on day 4 post-inoculation of oocysts. Group A, B and C were given Ancoban, Supercoc and Phytocox, respectively. Groups D,E and F were given Ancoban, Supercoc and Phytocox (Herbal Product), respectively with the addition of vitamin`A and K. The Group G was infected, untreated control while group H was uninfected, untreated (Healthy) control. The clinical signs were more pronounced in the groups that were treated without the addition of vitamin A and K.The highest efficacy of the drug was found in group E which was 99.36%.

Haemoglobin estimation was done on day 0, 4, 9 and day 14. It was concluded that haemoglobin values were decreased after clinical signs had appeared. Total leucocytic count was also done on day 0, 4, 9 and day 14. There was increase in TLC after infection had occurred and started to decrease after day 9. The differential leucocytic count, lymphocytes decreased while heterohils and monocytes were increased and eosinophils and basophils showed variation in their number was compared to control group. The oocyst count was done on day 4, day 9 and day 14 post-inocultion of oocyst. The efficacy of the drug given to the group E was 99.40% which was the best among all the groups.

The result of the present study showed that supercoc (sulphaquinoxaline) with addition of vitamin A and K was comparatively better drug for the control and treatment for cocidiosis in pigeons.

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