Waseem Abbas

Immunomodulatory Effects Of Flumequine And Enrofloxacin On Newcastle Disease Virus Vaccinated - 2005

An experiment was conducted to determine whether Flumequine and Enrofloxacin supplementation has any immunomodulatory effects on broiler chicks. A total of 192 one day old broiler chicks were randomly divided into four groups, each consisting of 48 chicks. Each group was further divided into 2 subgroups of 24 chicks. The chicks in group 1st were administered Flumequine, those in group 2 were treated with, Enrofloxacin and those in group 3 were treated with cyclophosphamide. Chicks in group 4 were not given any treatment. The parameters of investigation included the effects of Flumequine and Enrofloxacin treatment on live weight gain, feed conversion ratio, effect on various lymphoid organs (bursa of Fabricius, thymus, spleen and liver) and immune response of treated chicks to NDV-vaccination, post field NDV challenge mortality. Data presented in this study indicated that the Flumequine treated chicks had higher mean body weights, better FCR, higher NDV HI antibody, lesser overall mortality, no NDV post challenge mortality and no detrimental effects on their lymphoid organs, compared to the cyclophosphamide treated, and untreated chicks. The overall findings of this study clearly demonstrate that the use of Flumequine has good effect on growth and performance of the treated chickens. (Key words: Flumequine, Enrofloxacin, Immunomodulation, Broiler)

Department of Microbiology


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