Attiq Ullah

Effect Of Norgestomet And Gnrh On Besumptio Nof Cyclicity And Pertility In Early Postpartum Non-Suckled Buffaloes - 2004

Delayed resumption of postpartum estrus activity is the most vital factor responsible for poor reproductive efficiency of dairy buffaloes. This study was designed to induce ovulation in early postpartum buffaloes (30-37 days). Fifteen Nili-Ravi buffaloes with a mean postpartum period 32.6±2.72 were randomly divided into three equal groups A, B and C (n=5) on the basis of parity, postpartum period, age and milk production. The animals in group A were given Norgestomet implant at day 32.8±2.94 postpartum period for 9 days. One day after removal of implants animals were given Dalmeralin (Leciren). The animals of group B given only Norgestomet implant at day 32.4±2.50 postpartum for 9 days. Group C animals acted as control and did not receive any treatment.
Same number of animals (4/5) exhibited estrus in both groups A and B. None of the buffaloes in-group C showed estrus. It is concluded that treatment of norgestomet or norgestomet + GnRH in early postpartum buffaloes, are able to induce estrus, however, fertility remain compromised.

Department of Theriogenology


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