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Comparative Efficacy Of Various Drugs Against Git Nematodes And Their Effect On Blood Parameters In Sheep And Goats - 2004

The present project was designed to study the comparative efficacy of various drugs; 1) Albendazole (Farbenda), 2) Oxfendazole (Oxafax) and 3) Karanjwa (Caesalpenia crista) against naturally infected GIT nematodes in sheep and goats under field condition in and around district Kohlu, Balochistan and to find out their effect on some blood parameters; 1) Haemoglobin, 2) Total leukocyte count and 3) Differential leukocyte count and to detect the prevalence
For this purpose 180 sheep and goats naturally infected coprologically were examined. Out of 180 sheep and goats 106 were found positive showed 58% prevalence. For the treatment protocol, forty naturally infected and ten non-infected were selected and divided randomly into five groups having ten sheep and goats in each group viz A, B, C, E and D. Group A was treated with Albendazole 1ml/20mg body weight. Group B was treated with Oxfendazole 1ml/5kg body weight. Group C was treated with Karanjwa (Caesalpenia crista) @ 2mg/kg body weight. Group E was kept infected non-medicated control group. Group D was kept non-infected non-medicated control group.
In group A the eggs per gram of faeces were 22,700 on day zero and no eggs were found on day 7th which was treated with Albendazole. It has been observed from the result that Albendazole showed 100% efficacy on day 7th. In group B which was treated with Oxfendazole with egg per gram of faeces were 23,200 on day zero 22,800 on day 7th and no egg were found on day 14th. It has been observed from above results that the Oxfendazole shown 95% efficacy on day 7th and 100% efficacy on day 14th. In group C which was treated with Karanjwa, the eggs per gram faeces were 19,500 on day zero 22,100, on day 7th 31,800 on day 28th. Group E which was kept infected non-medicated control group, the egg per gram were found on day zero, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th, 20000, 23700, 27500, 31200 and 35300.

On the haematological study the haemoglobin and lymphocyte level were decrease as compared to non-infected control group whereas the value of leukocyte, neutrophil, monocyte and eosinophil were increased as compared to normal group. In group A and B the haemoglobin and lymphocyte value slightly increase on day 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th post-medication. Moreover, the values of leukocyte, neutrophil, monocyte, eosinophil and basophil were slightly decrease on day 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th post-medication in group A and B. It has been observed from above study that Albendazole and Oxfendazole shown their effect on blood parameters, whereas group C which was treated with Karanjwa have shown no effect on faecal egg count and blood parameters.

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