Shoaib Ashraf

Efficacy Of Florfenicol Against Haemorrhagic Septic Aemia In Bufalo Calves - 2008

Two antibiotic preparations of florfenicol and amoxicillin were used in these trials against haemorrhagic septicaemia, singly and along with combination of a non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory-drug (flunixin meglumin).

Forty buffalo calves suffering from haemorrhagic septicaemia were selected and treated under field conditions. Weighed clinical score was recorded before and after treatment in each case on the basis of severity of clinical symptoms. Reduction in this score and recovery or death of animal was also noted.

It was concluded that florfenicol was more effective than amoxicillin and the
n of non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory-drug reduced convalescence period and also jincreased the survival rate. Therefore florfenicol along with flunixin meglumin is ecommended as the successful therapy for haemorrhagic Septicaemia.

Department of Pharmaoclogy & Toxicology


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