Muhammad Iqbal

Assesment Of Buffalo Semen By Reduction Assay - 2008

In this study twenty Nili Ravi buffalo bulls were used. Semen was collected once weekly and each collection comprised two ejaculates .. Total volume of the semen was observed using graduated tube and the concentration by Spectrophotometer. Both the ejaculates were pooled and a representative sample of each collection was evaluated for viability using MTT Reduction Assay, Eosin and Nigrosin Staining, Hypo Osmotic Swelling Test and Motility.
The results of the study shows high correlation (r = 1.00) between the MTT reduction rate and the sperm viability. When the %age of MTT viable sperm cells were compared with the E&N, HOST and Motility a negative correlation was found suggesting the physiological difference between the tests. On the basis of this study it can be concluded that the MTT reduction Assay is an objective test and more reliable than the other tests which are more subjective and can be influenced by the experience of the indivi~
MTT Reduction Assay is more reliable test for the assessment of viability as it is simple and inexpensive. The results of our study suggest additional advantages of this test in evaluation ofNili Ravi Baffalo semen. Many samples and its replicates can be measured in the same time. It can be used successfully in routine analysis, where time, costs and practicability are important

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