Ghulam Yaseen

Prevalence & Chemotharpy Of Cestodal Infestation In Three Local & Imported Stocksof Japanese Quail Atpre Peak, - 2008

A total of 480 matured quail belonging to 4 inbreed stocks (one imported and three local three age groups and in each there were live replicates each having three females and on male were included in these studies. Faecal samples were collected from each replicate in a clean polythin bag at Avian Research Institute, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore. The prevalence of cestodes in breeder quail was recorded during their production cycle. Five birds from each group were slaughtered and eviscerated to study the lesions in the gastrointestinal tract.
Out of 480 faecal samples 149 (34.58%) were positive for cestodes infection among positive cases Raillietina tetragona was found in 13 3(27.7%) faecal samples followed by Raillietina cesticillus 72(15%), Raii7ietina echinobothrida 111(23. 12%), Cotugnia digonopora 97(20.2%), Choanotaenia inJindibulum 79(16.45%) whereas the lowest 29(6.04%) pravelancve of Amoebotaen/ci sphenoids.
The age wise incidence of parasites in group "I" at 6thi weeks of age was 20%. at I 8° weeks of age was 32.5% and at 36th weeks of age was 145%, in group "LI" at 6 weeks of age was 15%, at l8 weeks of age was 37.5% and at 36thi weeks of age was 42.5%. in group "L2 at 6thi weeks of age was 22.5%, at 18° weeks of age was 30%) and at 36th weeks of age was 35% and in group "L3" at 6° weeks of age was 22.5%, at 18° weeks of age was 32.5% and at 36th weeks of age was 37.5. Chemotherapeutic trails were carried out by using 80 brids (20 negative and 60 postive0 Sixty birds were randomly divided into three groups A, B and C. Birds in group A and B were treated with albendazole and fenbendazole at their recommended dos rate. Birds in groups C and D were kept as positive and negative control.

Efficacy of the drugs as calculated on the basis of reduction in faecal egg count. From the result it was reported that efficacy of albendazole and fenbendazole was 96.6 85.39 preent repsetively. No side effets were reported with both of these drugs.

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