Zia Ullah

Use Of Antioxidate Containing Extender To Improve Post Thaw Quality Of Canine Semen - 2010

plasma membrane integrity, acrosomal integrity and viability of spermatozoa) using the Labrador retriever dog frozen semen.
Dog is a unique animal in terms of its semen ejaculation which is in fractions with a highly variable sperm concentration in different fractions as compared to other mammalian species like bull, boar, ram, human which have their ejaculate as a single fraction. In this study, BHT was found to improve post thaw motility, sperm viability, plasma membrane integrity and the acrosomal integrity at an inclusion level of 1.0mM in the extended semen. However, the higher concentrations than this were found to have detrimental effects on the parameters mentioned above. The reasons for these detrimental effects could be the change in osmolarity of the semen that varies in different species. The ROS production is associated with normal physiological functioning of the spermatozoa and when a semen sample is diluted the endogenous antioxidant mechanism of the semen is compromised and addition of exogenous antioxidant is needed to equilibrate. Therefore the addition of BHT at an inclusion level 1.0mM in study was found optimum and higher concentrations of this had detrimental effect on the spermatozoa, which could be due to two reasons as explained by Ijaz et al., 2009, i.e., firstly higher concentration of BHT reduce the physiological functions of the spermatozoa by extremely reducing the ROS which are needed to a certain level for physiological function of the spermatozoa and secondly it increases the fluidity of the plasma membrane above the desired levels thus making it prone to more damages.
In conclusion, BHT was found useful for dog spermatozoa at inclusion level 1.0mM, however, further studies are required to investigate the fertility of the canine semen having inclusion levels of BHT.

Department of Theriogenology


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