Ruheeb Aslam

Prevalence And Chemotherapy Of Gastro-Intestinal Paradites In Deer In Punjab, Pakistan. - 2012

The parasitic load on deer affects them badly and eventually leads to death. In the present study a total of 100 feacal samples were collected from deer and were examined in the Clinical Medicine Laboratory, department of CMS, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore. Out of 100 samples thirty eight were positive and among these thirty eight, 12 deer were infected with cestodes, 6 with nematodes, 12 with trematodes, and 8 with the mixed infection of parasites. So, the prevalence of the cestodes, trematodes, nematode and mixed infection was 12%, 12%, 6% and 8% respectively. For the chemotherapeutic trails thirty positive animals and 10 healthy animals were divided into four groups A, B, C and D with 10 animals in each. The animals of group A was treated with albendazole @ 7.5mg/kg orally. Those of group B was treated with the ivermectin @ 1mg/ 50kg orally. The group C animals were kept as positive control and group D were kept as negative control.
The feacal samples were collected on the 0 day (pre-treatment), 7th, 14th and 21st day (post-treatment). The efficacy of the drugs were calculated on the basis of reduction of the eggs count from the feacal samples on the respective days. The efficacy of albendazole 42.59 %, 71.3% and 87.96% against cestodes, 33.33%, 60.3% and 82.88% against nematodes and 40.18%, 68.22% and 89.72% against trematodes at day 7, 14 and 21 respectively.. The efficacies of ivermectin were 42.59 %, 73.15% and 88.88% against cestodes, 51.78%, 76% and 91.07% against nematode while 42.85%, 64.28% and 85.71% against trematodes at day 7, 14 and 21 respectively.
It is thus concluded that the ivermectin is more effective drug than albendazole as it caused more reduction of the egg count than albendazole.

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