Sania Saeed

Genetic Variability Of Sahiwal And Cholistani Cattle Breeds Of Pakistan Usin Mitochondrial D-Loop Sequences - 2011

Pakistan is rich in cattle genetic resources. The phenotypic and genetic diversity of animal breeds in Pakistan is very vast. Efforts to manage and utilize these genetic resources efficiently are lacking due to lack of both awareness and weakness of Government institutions. The genetic data of dairy cattle breeds (Sahiwal and Cholistani) is not yet been studied for their genetic identification, conservation and to find the genetic diversity among them and it needs to be established. For this study the blood samples( 25 samples from each breed) were collected from their home tracts and livestock farms. Unrelated animals with typical phenotypic features known for Sahiwal and Cholistani cattle breeds were selected from their breeding areas and Government livestock farms. Blood samples from true representative individuals of Sahiwal breed were collected from Research Centre for the Conservation of Sahiwal Cattle (RCCSC), Jahangirabad, Khanewal, Semen Production Unit (SPU) Qadirabad and Barani Livestock Production & Research Institute (BLPRI), Kherimurat District Attock. Cholistani cattle samples were collected from Govt. Livestock Farm, Jugaitpeer, Bahawalpur. Sampling from siblings was avoided to minimize inbreed samples as it results in depleting of gene pool along with causing inbreeding depression.DNA was extracted and quantified with the standard protocol in Molecular Biology and Genomics Laboratory of Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore. Specific primers were designed by using special software i.e. Primer Fox for mitochondrial D-loop region from NCBI accession no. NC_006853.1.Primers optimization was done after primer designing and afterwards, PCR amplification was performed. Then sequencing of target fragments was carried out using Prism ABI 3130L sequencer and Analyser.Sequences were alligned with the help of software blast2sequence and SNPs were detected. It was found that ratio of transition mutation was higher than transversions i.e. 41 transition and 10 transversions. Sequences were analyzed and compared with already reported sequence of Mitochondrial DNA of Bosindicuss, Bostaurus, Bubalusbubalis, Canis lupus familiaris, Caprahircus, Equuscaballusisolate, Ovisaries and Cameliusdromedaries sequencesavailable at NCBI. Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) were then detected. A phylogenetic tree constructed using MEGA 5.1 software revealed that Pakistani, European and Asian cattle are genetically same but different from Buffalo.This work is very helpful about breed characterization of two cattle breeds (Sahiwal and Cholistani) and developing understanding about genetic architecture of cattle breeds as present study conclude that 52 SNPs were present in Sahiwal and Cholistani breed of Pakistan.

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