Hafiz. Muhammad Toqeer

Biochemical Identification Of Various Causes Of Anemia In Females From District Pakpattan - 2013

Anemia is estimated to be affecting almost 600 millions people all over the globe and is regarded as deficiency in Hemoglobin concentration. The decreased amount of hemoglobin in blood could not been able to fulfill the oxygen demand of tissues in body. Keeping in view the above situation, a study was planned to investigate the various types of anemia in dist. Pakpattan.
One hundred blood samples were collected from females randomly selected from various parts of district Pakpattan. The samples were divided into two groups on the basis of age. Group A contains the patients with age between 14 to 26 years where as Group B consist of patients with age 27 to 40 years. Samples were processed in-order to estimate Complete Blood Count, serum iron level, serum ferritin levels, vitamin B12 assay and HPLC based estimation of various variants of hemoglobin.
The results demonstrated that 62% of the total female population of dist. Pakpattan was found to be anemic. Among Group A, 66.66% were anemic due to iron deficiency and 33.33% were due to chronic disease. Group B contained 59.09% anemic, out of these patients, 57.69% were anemic due to iron deficiency, 38.46% due to chronic disease and 2.27% due to deficiency of Vitamin B12. Iron deficiency was found to be the major cause of anemia that is followed by anemia due to chronic disease and Vitamin B12 deficiency. The intensity of anemia was 5% higher in young age females (Group A) as compared to the elder age females (Group B).
This work provided the information about the prevalence of various types of anemia in the population of dist. Pakpattan. The data will be helpful for developing strategy for the control of anemia in future. Further study with a large number of samples, is required throughout the country for the establishment of a data base that will be a good step to control various types of anemia.

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