Muhammad Jamil Alvi (2008-VA-480)

Physiological, Behavioral And Immune Response In Three Commercial Broiler Strains Under Four Heating Systems - 2016. - 60p.;

The performance of broilers maintained under four different brooding systems with respect
to behavior of the birds, blood profile and immune response in comparison to different
strain of broilers raising needs to be studied under local conditions as it has been reported
to possess better prospects. Furthermore, broiler performance in four different brooding
zones having different air quality needs to be investigated in view of their effect on
performance of broilers. In the trial, 360 commercial (Hubbard, Ross, Cobb) day-old broiler
chicks purchased from the local hatchery. Hence the present study was conducted, Department
of Poultry Production, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Ravi campus, Pattoki with
the objectives to compare the effect of strains and heating sources on the behavior (Walking,
Feeding, Jumping, Litter Pecking, Lying, Standing, Preening, Breathing, Fearfulness, Body
stretching, Rubbing beak with body) of the birds. In the present study effect of strains and
heating system on blood biochemistry and immune response were also identified. The behavior
of broilers strains studied under four different heating systems. Each treatment replicated 03 subgroups.
The experimental chicks randomly divided into 36 experimental units of 10 chicks each
after the adaptation period of three weeks. The heating system will be split into 04 groups (A, B,
C and D). The birds in group A kept over hot water pipe lines. The birds in group B will be kept
in gas heater area. The birds in group C kept in diesel brooder area. The birds in group D kept
under pen cake brooder area. The data were analyzed according to analysis of variance
(ANOVA) technique in Completely Randomized Design (CRD) under factorial
arrangements using GLM procedures. Means separated through Duncan Multiple Range
(DMR) test with the help of SAS, 9.1. Results of the present study showed significant highest
jumping behavior in birds reared on hot water pipes as compared to gas heater during starter
phase and grower phase. In interaction, significantly more jumping behavior was recorded on
electric bulbs in Ross when compared with Ross on hot water in starter phase. Significantly
highest aggression was showed in birds reared on gas heaters than birds reared on electric bulb
and diesel brooder. The preening behavior significantly improved in birds reared on gas heaters
in starter, grower and finisher phase. While minimum was recorded on hot water during starter,
grower and finisher phase. The feather picking behavior and walking behavior significantly
higher in birds reared on gas heater during starter, grower and finisher phase. The laying
behavior was statistically significant in Cobb broiler chicks during finisher phase. The feeding
and litter picking behavior significantly higher in Ross broiler chicks during finisher phase. The
under heat source, stretching and rubbing beak with body behavior significantly improved in
Hubbard broiler chicks during starter phase. The blood profile was not significantly influenced
by strains and heating source. The antibody titer against ND and IBD was higher in Ross reared
on water heating system as compared to other strains and heating sources while blood
biochemical profile was also higher in Ross when reared at floor heating system.
 Ross reared under hot water during brooding showed better and healthy behavior
including jumping, aggression, walking, standing, drinking, lying, feeding and litter
 Ross strains exhibited better immune response and serum chemistry at hot water brooding
Suggestion and Recommendations:
 Hot water can be used as alternative brooding source
 Behavior of commercial poultry needs further investigation and research.

Department of Poultry Production


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