Muhammad Qumer Zaman (2007-VA-96)

Prevalence Of Hydatidosis In Small Ruminants Slaughtered At District Dera Ghazi Khan Punjab - 2015. - 44p.;

Hydatidosis is important zoonotic and economic disease of livestock and human beings.Hydatid cyst is larval form of genus Echinococcosis Granulosis. Hydatidosis causes considerable economic loss in livestock due to condemnation of organs. Dogs are the primary definitive hosts for this parasite, with livestock acting as intermediate hosts and humans as aberrant intermediate hosts. The outcome of infection in livestock and humans is cyst development in the liver, lungs, or other organ system. The disease is spread when food or water that contains the eggs of the parasite is eaten or by close contact with an infected animal. The eggs are released in the stool of meat-eating animals that are infected by the parasite. For these animals to become infected they must eat the organs of an animal that contains the cysts such as sheep or rodents.The type of disease which occurs in people depends on the type of Echinococcus causing the infection. It is a type of worm infection and is a neglected tropical disease.

To find out the prevalence of Hydatid cyst in small Ruminants, total 300 samples were studied from 300 samples, 150 were of sheep and 150 samples were of goat.Among those samples infected organs of animal like liver ,lung heart were separated in sterile container.then hydatid cyst fluid be obtained by penetrating the needle into cyst wall .A drop of cyst fluid was taken on microscopic Glass slide and cover slip was applied on it and observed under microcope for motility of flame cells to see viable protoscoleces ,live and movable protoscoleces identify as fertile cyst.


This study Will be helpful to acess the prevalence of zoonotic hydatid cyst disease in the Punjab, Dera Ghazi Khan area and surroundings.And study ultimately help us to control the spread of zoonotic infection and we were be able to guide public to adopt preventive mesures against the disease.

Department of Parasitology


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