Fehmeeda Fatima (2014-VA-775)

Nucleotide Sequence Variation In Heat Shock Protein 70-1 Gene Of Capra Aegagrus Blythi - 2016 - 92p.;

Heat shock protein 70 (HSP 70) plays a vital role in survival of an organism by providing
cytoprotection against various kinds of stresses. Among all the HSPs present in the cell, the
ubiquitous HSP 70 proteins are the most abundant and temperature sensitive. Considering the
importance of HSP70-1 gene in conferring thermotolerance, present study has been designed to
characterize this gene in Sindh ibex which is a wild goat species of Pakistan. The
characterization of HSP70 gene might be helpful for deriving phylogenetic relationship among
different species and identifying new functions among the related species. Blood/meat samples
(n=25) were collected from Kirthar national park, Sindh. Standard DNA extraction method was
used for DNA extraction. PCR primers were designed by Primer3 software and amplification of
gene was done by Polymerase Chain Reaction. PCR product was sequenced bi-directionally by
Big DyeTM Terminator on ABI 3130XL Genetic Analyzer. Multiple sequence alignment was
performed for polymorphism identification. Genetic diversity was calculated by using DnaSP
v.5.0. Phylogenetic analysis using the MEGA v.6.0 software package was performed and
neighbor joining and UPGM trees were constructed. The results indicated that Sindh ibex
HSP70.1 gene was highly similar to of domestic goat, sheep, cattle, buffalo, camel and horse
which indicates their origin from a common ancestor. The results of this data might be helpful in
designing effective conservation strategies for Sindh ibex.

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology


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