Javeria (2012-VA-16)

Prevalence Of Intestinal Parasites From Fingernails Of Primary School Going Children Of District Lahore - 2016. - 56p.;

Intestinal parasitic infections are extensively spread globally and most affected population is children. In primary schools environments children are confirmed as a most susceptible for acquiring Intestinal parasites(IP) through nails.
Intestinal parasites were more prevalent in fingernails of children of primary schools in District Lahore.
A total of 300 nail samples were collected from the fingernails of the school children of different age and sex. The nails were swabbed into a clean sterile container containing normal saline. Finger nail clippings were collected from both hands of each subject using sterile nail clippers and were placed in labeled containers containing normal saline. Samples were examined by direct microscopy using Lugol’s iodine and Eosin preparations. Sediments from the nail clippings were examined after digestion with 10% Potassium hydroxide and centrifugation at 2500rpm for 5minutes.The parasites were isolated from the fingernails of the primary school children of both sexes and prevalence was recorded.
The collected data was analyzed using SPSS version 20. The prevalence of parasites was presented as descriptive statistics, while the relationship between several variables (age, gender,educational level) and presence of parasites was determined by the chi-square test. The level of significance used was P<0.05.
This study will help to create awareness among society especially school children about parasites and parasitic infections. It will also help to improve health level of school children, education and environment of schools and will develop the habit of keeping hygiene and handwashing
practice in children as a result of which a healthy study competition will be developed among school children.

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