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1. Effect Of Butylated Hydroxytoluene (Bht) On Beetal Buck Semen Following Cryopreservation

by Abdul Rehman | Prof.Dr. Mian Abdul Sattar | Dr. Amjad Riaz | Dr. Muhammad Ijaz.

Material type: book Book; Format: print ; Literary form: not fiction Publisher: 2014Dissertation note: Abstract Availability: Items available for loan: UVAS Library [Call number: 1977,T] (1).

2. Effect Of Β-Carotene And Tocopherol On Pregnancy Rate In Cidr Synchronized Nili-Ravi Buffaloes

by Muhammad Bilal Munawar (2015-VA-16) | Prof. Dr. Mian Abdul Sattar | Prof. Dr. Nasim Ahmad | Dr. Muhammad Ijaz.

Material type: book Book; Literary form: not fiction Publisher: 2017Dissertation note: Buffalo is of unique importance in livestock and dairy industry of Pakistan due to its high milk production and shares 65% of total milk production. Reproduction is important to get good production and profit in dairy sector. Reproduction in buffalo is compromised due to its small size ovaries, poor ovarian reserves and less pronounced estrus intensity, resulting as low fertility. Synchronization techniques including CIDR based protocols are well established in cows and getting popularity in buffaloes but with low results, comparatively. Therefore, some modifications are required based on physiology of estrus cycle in buffalo. This was hypothesized that additional injection of Dalmavital in CIDR base protocol will enhance the pregnancy rates and embryonic liability by minimizing the oxidative stress. Therefore, present study is conducted to evaluate the effect Dalmavital on estrus response, Estrus intensity, Pregnancy rates and embryonic losses in CIDR synchronized Nili-Ravi buffalo. For this, buffaloes were scanned ultrasonically for the reproductive tract evaluation. Reproductively sound buffaloes were selected and randomly allocated to one of the two treatment group. 86 buffaloes with normal reproductive tract were assigned in two groups 1; CIDR group (n = 43) and 2; CIDR+D (n = 43). AI was performed twice at 48 and 60 hours after CIDR removal. Estrus response (ER) did not differ significantly (P >0.05) in groups, CIDR and CIDR-D but estrus intensity (EI) was statistically significant (P<0.05) in treatment group. Pregnancy rates were also non-significant (P>0.05) in treatment and control group but improved comparatively in CIDR-D group (63% in CIDR-D group and 56% in CIDR group). Embryonic and fetal losses were also non-significant (P>0.05) between the control and treatment group. Results were also compared in cyclic and non-cyclic, Milking and dry, BCS and parity. Results were non-significant in milking and dry, BCS and Parity. Pregnancy rates were found different significantly (P<0.05) in cyclic and non-cyclic animals, when treatment Summary 27 is ignored. From the present study it can be concluded that Dalmavital may have good effect on estrus intensity in CIDR synchronized Nili-Ravi buffalo. Nili-Ravi buffalo is known as black gold of Pakistan. They produce about 2500 liters of milk with 6.5% butter fat. Despite of benefits, this breed is highly influenced with low reproductive activity that include prolonged pubertal period, poor exhibition of estrus, inadequate ovarian activity, long calving interval, high embryonic mortality and low fertility rate with artificial insemination. These factors reduce buffalo’s reproduction which leads to great economic losses. Therefore, there is dire need to address these problems and to orchestrate novel approaches to enhance the reproductive efficiency of buffalo. In cows, during last six to decades, researchers have considerably devised certain strategies to synchronize estrus with the help of prostaglandins, progestagens and estrogens. The advent of these hormones or synchronization protocols helped significantly in improving reproductive management. Moreover, the use of fixed time artificial insemination protocols resulted in acceptable fertility. However, these tools provide inconsistent results to manage reproduction in buffalo. Therefore, unprecedented approaches are required to facilitate and improve the buffalo reproduction. Availability: Items available for loan: UVAS Library [Call number: 2803-T] (1).

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