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1. Studies On The Population Of Primordial Follicles In Teddy Goats

by Saeed Akhtar, M | Naeem Ullah Khan | Muhammed | Rashid Ahmed Chaudry | Faculty of Veterinary Sciences.

Material type: book Book; Format: print ; Literary form: not fiction Publisher: 1989Dissertation note: Abstract Availability: Items available for loan: UVAS Library [Call number: 0053,T] (1).

2. Comparative Efficacy Of Different Acaricides On Mange In Dogs And Their Effect On Leukocytic Picture

by Naeem Akhtar, M | Muhammed Athar khan | Asif Rabbani | Muhammed Sarwer Khan | Faculty of Veterinary Sciences.

Material type: book Book; Format: print ; Literary form: not fiction Publisher: 1989Dissertation note: Abstract Availability: Items available for loan: UVAS Library [Call number: 0102,T] (1).

3. A Study On The Prevalence Of Disease And Other Problems Related To Managemental Practices During

by Akhtar, M | Dr.Muhammad Saleem Ch | Prof.Dr.Muhammad Aslam Bhatti.

Material type: book Book; Format: print ; Literary form: not fiction Publisher: 1999Dissertation note: A study on the prevalence of diseases and other problems related to the managemental practices during brooding in broilers was carred out in Muzaffarabad and Mirpur districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir during the months from May, 1999 to September, 1999. The data was collected through a questionnaire (Appendix-i) from 60 farmers i.e. 30 from each district selected randomly. Various parameters regarding the farming structure in the project area, location and dimensions of farms/sheds, brooding management, feed and feeding, watering, lighting schedule, equipment, litter managemental practices, biosecurity and sanitation, vaccines and vaccination, disease problems during brooding, health cover, mortality, relative humidity, ventilation control, purchase of day old chicks, extension services availability, labour management and farmer's suggestions for broiler farming improvement, were studied. Mostly the farmers (55%) were having an educational level upto Matric and a few farmers were above Matric. Construction of sheds differed in Muzaffarabad and Mirpur districts due to different climatic conditions and availability of materials. Most of the farmers(61.7%) had no separate brooder houses and those who had brooder houses did not give attention to ventilation system. There was lack of knowledge about advanced brooding managemental practices among the farmers. Improper feeding and watering space was given to chicks during brooding. Disease outbreaks were observed even after vaccination due to poor vaccination practices. Lack of sanitation and biosecurity resulted in outbreaks of many diseases such as omphalitis, ]. ij, Gumboro, coryza, Newcastle Disease etc. at many farms during brooding period. The farmers mostly depended upon labour and did not manage their farms, which resulted into losses. Most of the farmers blamed market fluctuation, while some blamed the low quality of feed, chicks and vaccines which resulted in decline in poultry farming. Availability: Items available for loan: UVAS Library [Call number: 0611,T] (1).

4. Study Of Combined Effect Of Probiotic And Antibiotic As A Feed Additive On The Performance Of Broiler Chicks

by Major Akhtar, M | Prof. Dr. Nisar Ahmad | Dr. Jaweed Ahmad Qureshi.

Material type: book Book; Format: print Publisher: 2001Dissertation note: The study was conducted to evaluate the effect of Fermacto and Flavomycin-80 singly and in combination on the performance of broiler chicks. Two hundred and forty day-old broiler chicks were purchased from Big Bird Hatchary and randomly divided into 4 groups designated as A, B, C and D consisting of 60 birds each. Each group was further sub-divided into 6 replicates of 10 chicks each. Group A was kept as control, group B was fed on ration containing Fermacto at the rate of 2kg/ton feed, group C was given Flavomycin80 at the rate of 0.113 kg/ton of feed whereas group D was given combination of Fermacto and Flavomycin-80 at the same levels. The parameters studied were growth rate, feed intake, feed efficiency, dressing percentage and mortality. Weekly feed intake and body weight gain were recorded. At the end of the experiment 10 birds from each group were randomly selected and slaughtered to determine the dressing percentage. The data collected was subjected to statistical analysis using one way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and the difference between the means was revealed by using least significant different (LSD) test. It was concluded that the supplementation of Fermacto, Flavomycin-80 and their combination gave significant (P <0.05) improvement in the broiler chicks in terms of weight gain and feed efficiency. However, single use of Fermacto was the most economical as compared to the remaining two treatments. Availability: Items available for loan: UVAS Library [Call number: 0709,T] (1).

5. Prevalence Of Bovine Tuberculosis In Cattle And Buffaloes

by Naveed Akhtar, M | Dr.Masood Rabbani | Dr.Hamid Jalil | Dr.Muhammad Akram Munir | Faculty of Veterinary Sciences.

Material type: book Book; Format: print ; Literary form: not fiction Publisher: 2002Dissertation note: Bovine tuberculosis is of great zonootic importance. The present project was designed to study the prevalence of bovine tuberculosis (TB) in cattle and buffaloes. Suspected population of live animals were screened out by intradermal tuberculin (IDT) test. Lungs suspected of tuberculosis were collected from the Lahore Slaughter House, for isolating the TB organism. Dogs brought to the Dog Hospital, C.V.S., Lahore were also checked for the presence of TB. A total of 344 cattle and buffaloes were tested by IDT test. Twenty five (7%) animals were observed as positive to IDT test and seven (2%) animals were tested as doubtful. Milk and faecal samples were collected from the positive animals however none of the samples was positive for mycobacterium by microscopic or cultural examinations. On microscopic examination of 20 lung samples only four (20%) lungs indicated the presences of acid-fast bacilli. While on culture examination 14 strains were detected. All the 14 strains were inoculated into rabbits intravenously to study the pathogenicity. Thirteen isolates were found to be pathogenic for rabbits. On postmortem examination there were typical tubercles on the lungs of rabbits. Twenty five dogs were tested by IDT test. Two dogs i.e. 8% were found to be positive for tuberculosis. From the study it was concluded that tuberculosis is quite common in animals. Strong measures should be taken by Government and private authorities to eradicate disease from animals. Availability: Items available for loan: UVAS Library [Call number: 0724,T] (1).

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