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1. Effect Of Experimentally Induced Coccidiosis On Some Blood Parameters And Its Treatment With Three New Anticoccidial Drugs In Broilers

by Arshad Latif Arshad | Dr. Muhammed Sarwer Khan | Dr. Haji Ahmed | Dr. Muhammad Ashraf | Faculty of Veterinary Sciences.

Material type: book Book; Format: print Publisher: 1995Dissertation note: One hundred and fifty day 01(1 broiler chicks were obtained from a local hatchery. They were reared upto day 26. All the birds were given feed having no coccicliostat. At the age of 26 clays the birds were divided into five groups A, B, C, D and E. The D and B were control groups. The test groups were infected with 75000 sporulated oocysts On 26th day of age, group D was infected and non medicated while group E was kept non infected and non medicated. The group A, B and C were treated with clopidol, monensin and salinomycin respectively after the appearance of clinical symptoms. The total oocyst counts in all groups on zero day of infection were nil and on 1st, 5th and 9th day of medication, groups A, B, C, D showed 25800, 20400, 23800, 197500 oocysts counts respectively, while group B examined nil being control non infected group. The mortalities observed in groups A, B, C, D and E were 6, 2, 3, 8 and nil while percent mortality was 20%, 6.66%, 10%, 26.66% and 0.00%. In treated groups, monensin showed least mortality. The feed intake and feed conversion of groups A, B and C were almost equal. While group D (infected and non medicated) was relatively poor. As far as group E (non infected and non medicated) is concerned it showed better results. In haematological studies the average values of haemoglobin levels, erythrocytic count and total serum protein were lower post infection as compared to the respective control group E (non infected and non medicated). The total leukocytic count was increased in all groups as compared to group E (non infected and non medicated). The differential leukocytic count, the lymphocyte decreased, heterophils and monocytes increased. The eosinophils and basophils showed variation in their number. The study showed efficacy of Monensin, Salinomycin and Clopidol in descending order respectively. Monensin was to be drug of choice against coccidiosis. Availability: Items available for loan: UVAS Library [Call number: 0428,T] (1).

2. A Serological And Coprological Study Of Paramphistomiasis In Buffalo

by Jameel Ahmad | Dr. Khalid Pervaiz | Dr. Haji Ahmed | Dr. Muhammad Ashraf | Faculty of Veterinary Sciences.

Material type: book Book; Format: print ; Literary form: not fiction Publisher: 1997Dissertation note: Two hundred faecal samples, serum samples and paramphistomes used in the present study collected from main slaughter house of Lahore and from surrounding of the city. Faecal examinations were carried out with fresh smear technique and 61.5% animals found positive for paramphistomiasis. Serum was separated from the blood samples collected from infected and suspected buffaloes for the performance of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Paramphistome crude antigen was prepared from fresh stomach flukes, which contained 95.66 mg proteins/mi at 545 nm. For performing the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay, the 96 well ELISA plates were coated with crude antigen & kept overnight & then the other procedure for the assay was followed, & the serum samples were tested with paramphistome crude antigen. In positive samples, the yellowish-brown colouration was formed. In faecal examination, 61.5% and in the ELISA 100% of the animal found positive. From the conclusion of the results if was found that ELISA (100%) has given more positive results then faecal examination (61.5%). Availability: Items available for loan: UVAS Library [Call number: 0490,T] (1).

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