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Theses A Comparative Study Of Brucellosis In Livestock And Human Beings by Amra Akram A Metagenomic Analysis Of The Respiratory Microbiota Of Birds by Muhammad Zubair Shabbir Alleviation Of Cyclic Heat Stress In Broilers By Dietary Supplementation Of Mannan-Oligosaccharides And Lactobacillus-based Probiotic by Muhammad Umar Sohail An Epidemiological Study Of Nosocomial Infections At Mayo Hospital, Lahore by Tayyaba Ijaz (Phd) Assessment Of Avian And Mammalian Diversity At Selected Sites Along River Chenab by Muhammad Altaf (2008-VA-725) Bat Biodiversity (Vespertilioniformes: Order Chiroptera) In Some Tropical And Arid-Subtropical Regions Of Pakistan by Arshad Javid Bats (Chiroptera: Mammalia) Of Malakand Division, Pakistan by Mohammad Salim (2007-VA-543) Bioconversion Of Agricultural Waste To Alginate By Azotobacter Vinelandii Using Fermentation by Shagufta Saeed (2008-VA-742) Bioconversion Of Agricultural Wastes To Lysine And Its Biological Evaluation In Broiler Chicks by Shagufta Irshad Biological Studies on Various Avian Influenza Virus Types In Poultry by Tariq Mahmood Shaukat (2003-VA-189) Biomass Production Of Pasteurella Multocida By Using Biofermentor For Preparation Of Montanoid Based Vaccine by Noreen Sarwar Characterization Of Linear Type Traits In Nili Rivei Buffaloes Of Pakistan by Riaz Hussain Mirza Characterization Of Mycoplasma Gallisepticum Isolates And Their Use In The Production Of Indigenous by Mushtaq Ahmad Chemical Characterizaton And Toxicological Screening Of Auto-Rickshaw Emissions Particulate by Khaleeq Anwar Chemical Microbiological And Toxicological Evaluation Of Pharmaceutical Effluent Wastewater by Ali Sharif (2011-VA-266) Chemical, Microbiological And Toxicological Evaluation Of Textile Dyeing Industry Wastewater by Muhammad Furqan Akhtar (2011-VA-265) Chemical, Microbiological And Toxicological Screening Of Tannery Effluent Wastewater by Lubna Shakir Clinico Epidemiology of tick Borne Hemoparasitic Diseases Using Single Round And Multiplex PCR Along With their Phylogenetic Analysis In Bovine by Shahid Hussain Farooqi (2012-VA-447) Clinico-Epidemiological And Experimental Observations On Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease Among Domesticated Cats by Abeera Naureen (2007-VA-541) Clinico-Epidemiological And Therapeutic Study On Babesiosis In Different Breeds Of Cattle In Balochistan by Muhammad Essa Kakar (2005-va-229) Comparative Growth Rate And Body Composittion Of Major Carps (Labio Rohita , Cata Catla And Cirhinus Mrigala ) by Noor Khan Comparative Productive And Reproductive Performance Of Beetal Goats In Accelerated And Annual Kidding Systems by Nisar Ahmad Comparison Of Diagnostic Approaches For The Detection Of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Persistency In Dairy Herds by Arfan Ahmad Comunity Druven Sustainable Management Of Natural Resources Of Taunsa Barrage Wildlife Sanctuaty, by Fehmeeda Bibi Detection Of Falciparum Malaria And Its Control Under Local Climatic Conditions by Muhammad Oneeb Detection Of Vivax Malaria And Under Local Climatic Conditions by Sarwat naz Develoopment Of A Reliable Microsatellites Maarkers Panel For Parentage Analysis In Cattle Breeds Of Pakistan and Its Validatio Through Cytochrome B Gene Sequencing by Tanveer Hussain Development And Evaluation Of Vaccines Prepared From Staphylococcus Aureus Isolates Of Camel Mastitis by Amjad Islam Aqib (2013-VA-947) Development Of A Suitable Semen Extender For The Cryopreservation Of Nili Ravi Buffalo Bull (Bubalus Bubalis) Semen by Fazal Wadood (2007-VA-557) Differential Expression And Mutation Analysis Of Heat Shock Proteins (Hsps) And Tumor Suppressor Gene (P53) In Differemt Cancer Types of Pakistani Dogs and Cats by Rashid Saif Documenting Goat Production System In Two Agro-Ecological Regions Of Punjab by Maqsood shah muhammad Effect Of Bacillus Subtilis And Sodium Butyrate On The Morphometry Of The Small Intestine And Immune System In Healthy And Salmonella-Challenged Broiler Chickens by Arbab Sikandar (2005-VA-154) Effect Of Colchicine On Cellular And Humoral Immune Responses In Mice by Shahzada Khurram Syed (2007-VA-444) Effect Of Different Dietary Lysine Levels And Feed Restriction Regimes On Growth Performance And Slaughtering Characteristics In Japanese Quail (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica) Maintained During Hot Season by Yassar Abbas (2008-VA-753) Effect Of Different Feed Ingredients On Growth, Hematology And Vital Organs In Juvenile Labeo Rohita by Khalid Javed Iqbal Effect Of Different Management Strategies On Growth Performance, Biochemical Profile And Immune by Shahid Mehmood Effect Of Feeding Milk Replacer And Diet With Varying Levels Of Concention On Growth Puberty And First Lactation by Zeeshan Iqbal Effect Of Long Term Use Of Bovine Somatotropic Hormone On Milk Production ,Production Nutrient by Iftikhar Ahmad Effect Of Pre-Weaning Diets And Varying Levels Of Concentrate During Post-Weaning Period On The Performacne Of Female Nili-Ravi Buffalo Calves Up To One Year Of Age by Zeeshan Muhammad Iqbal (2002-VA-55) Effect Of Protein Supplements Of Varying Ruminal Degradability On Milk Production, Composition And Nutrients by Illahi Bakhsh Marghazani Effect Of Various Stress Factors On The Immune Response(Ph.D) by Muhammad Yasser Mustafa Butt Effect Of Water Restriction On The Conmsistency Of Droppings And On Subsequesnt Performance Of Broilers by Afzal Sher, M Effects And Remedial Measures Of Aflatoxin B1 On Bovine Calves In Punjab by Omer Naseer (2002-VA-65) Effects Of Aflatoxin In Poultry by Ata-ur-Rehman Rizvi, Syed Effects Of Ginkgo Biloba And Panax Ginseng On Metabolism Of Carbohydrate, Lipids And Insulin Receptor Genes In Diabetic Rats by Mahrukh Naseem (2011-VA-531) Effects Of Stair-Step Nutrition Regimen On Growth Rate, Nutrien Utilization And Pubertal Development In Nili-Ravi by Muhammad Iqbal Anjum Epidemiological And Molecular Profile Of Hepatitis-C Viral Infection Among Different Groups Of Population In And Around Lahore, Pakistan by Dr. Abdul Majeed Akhter Epidemiological Intelligence On Distribution & Dynamics Of Main Transboundary Diseases Of Ruminants In The Central Districts Of Punjab by Muhammad Akram Epidemiological Studies And Evaluation Of Anthelmintic Resistance Against Gastrointestinal Nematodes Of Sheep In Balochistan by Hamdullah Epidemiological, Haematological & Serological Studies Of Leptospirosis In Dogs And Human At High Risk In And Around Lahore City by Muhammad Hassan Saleem Epidemiological, Haematological And Biochemical Risk Factors Of Parturient Haemoglobinuria In Buffaloes by Altaf Mahmood Epidemiology And Control Of Gastro-Intestinal Nematodes Of Large Ruminants In Balochistan by Muhammad Ramzan (2009-VA-653) Epidemiology And Controls Of Coccidiosis In Cattle by Razia Sultana Epidemiology And Economic Losses Of Trichostrongylid Parasites In Sheep by Sarwar Khan, M Epidemiology And Prophylaxis Of Babesiosis In Felidae by Syed Saleem Ahmad Epidemiology Diagnosis And Chemotherpy Of Strangles In Equines by Muhammad Ijaz Epidemiology Of Bovine Tuberculosis And Its Public Health Significance In Peshawar by Irfan Khatak (2011-VA-562) Epidemiology Of Diarrheal Diseases Of Bovine Calves In Punjab by Jawaria Ali Khan Epidemiology Of Giardia Duodenalis And Cryptosporidium Parvum Infections In Calves And Young Dogs by Khalid Saeed Epidemiology Of Influenza Virus H5n1 In Islamabad Capital Territory by Zahida Fatima (2005-VA-246) Epidemiology Seriodiagnosis And Chemoprophylaxis Of Theileriosis In Cattle by Aneela Zameer Durrani Epidemiology Zoonotic Potential Haematology Amd Chemotherapy Of Sarcoptic Mange In Camel In Punjab by Muhammad Irfan Zahid (2011-VA-800 Epidemiology Zoonotic Potential Haematology And Control Of Amoebiasis In Dogs And Humans by Muhammad Azhar Alam Epidemiology, Molecular Diagnosis And Chemotherapy Of Giardiasis In Bovine by Sultan Ayaz Epidemiology, Serodiagnosis And Chemotherapy Of Anaplasmosis In Cattle by Farhan Ahmad Atif Epidemiology, Serodiagnosis, Therapy And Control Of Schistosomiasis In Buffloes by Ghulam Murtaza Arshad Epidemiology, Zoonotic Potential, Haematiology And Therapy Of Toxocariasi In Dogs And Humans. by Nisar Ahmad Epidemiology, Zoonotic Potential, Molecular Characterization And Therapeutic Trial Of Leptospirosis In Horses by Muhammad Luqman Sohail (2007-VA-94) Epidemiology, Zoonotic Potential, Molecular Diagnosis And Chemotherapy Of Cryptosporidiosisin Bovine by Sabiqaa Masood Epidemiology, Zoonotic Potential, Serodiagnosis And Chemotherapy Of Sheep Fasciolosis In Different Ecological zones of balochistan by Masood Ul Haq Kakar Epidemmiology Of Foot And Mouth Disease In Buffaloes Of Punjab Province by Farhat Nazir Awan Epidemological, Serological, Heamatological And Therapeutic Studies On Ovine Nematodiasis In Three Ecological Zones of Balochistan by Abdul Razzaq Evaluation Of Different Extenders For The Cryopreservation Of Buffalo Bull (Bubalus Bubalis) Semen by Dawar Hameed Mughal Expression And Mutational Analysis Of Breast Cancer Susceptibility Gene 1 (Brca1) And Cyclooxygenase-2 (Cox-2) Gene In Feline And Canine Tumours by Haleema Sadia (2007-VA-567) Expression, Purification Of Toxoplasma Rop18 Recombinant Protein And Its Antigenic And Immunogenic Trials In Mice by Habibun Nabi (2010-VA-69) Factors Affecting Biomass Producation Of Baby Hamster Kidney Cell Line In Roller Bottle Culture System For The Production of Foot and Mouth Diseas Virus by Qaiser Akram Feeding Management For Optimum Growth, Reproduction And First Lactation Performance In Sahiwal Heifers by Muhammad Fiaz Fiber Levels Durig Different Physiological Stages In Nili Ravi Buffaloes by Saeed Ahmed Genetic And Evolutionary Characterization Of Pakistani Pigeons And Parrots Through Mitochondrial D- by Sehrish firyal Genetic Evaluation Of Teddy Goats In Pakistan by Zulfiqar Hussan Kuthu Genome-Wide Association Mapping To Approach The Candidate Gene Having Potential Role In Dairy Bull Fertility by Asif Nadeem Genotyping Of Echinococcus Granulosus And Its Comparative Prevalance In Camels And Human Beings by Azam Ali Hatching Performance Of Different Broiler Breeder Strains At Four Production Phases With Three Different Egg Weights by Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq Identification And Expression Analysis Of Genes Involved In Obsessive Compulsive Disorder In Pakistani Population by Javeria (2008-VA-627) Identification And Genotyping Of Vp1 Genses Of Fmd Viruses by Atia Bukhari Identification Of Molecular Markers In Bmp15 Gene Of Different Pakistan Sheep And Goat Breeds by Ahmad Nawaz Immune Response Of Buffaloes To Foot And Mouth Disease Virus Vaccine by Munir Ahmad Tariq Immuno Pathological Effects Of Neem (Azadirachta Indica) In Commercial Broiler Chickens by Zahid Jawad Immunobiological And Molecular Characterization Of Pasteurella Multocida From Buffaloes by Muhammad Kamran Immunoprophylaxis Of Tick Infestation In Bovine by Zakir Ali Implications Of Varying Electrolytes (Sodium Potassium And Chloride And Their Balance On Growth Performance and Physiologcal Responses of Broilers by Mirza Muhammad Haroon Improving Nutritional Value And Acceptability Of Dairy Products With Lower Contents Of Saturated Fatty by Muhammad Nadeem Influence Of Early Weaning On Growth Performance, Plasma Metabolites And Rumen Fermentation Indices In Neonatal by Muhammad Afzal Rashid Isolation And Characterization Of Clostridium Perfringens From Domestic Animals An Man In Punjab by Waheeda Raana Isolation And Characterization Of Phytase Producing Fungi For Poultry Feed by Ali Ahmad (2002-VA-121) Isolation And Molecular Characterization Of Antimicrobial Resistant E-Coli Isolation From Retail Meats by Ali Ahmed Isolation And Molecular Characterization Of Rotavirus From Calf Diarrhea And Preparation Of Vaccine by Nadia Mukhtar (2008-VA-718) Isolation And Molecular Identification Of H9N2 Avian Influena Virus From Human In Punjab Province Pakistan by Abdul ahad Isolation, Characterization And Pathogenesis Of Capripox Virus by Abdul Sajid Isolation, Characterization Of Chondroitin Sulphate And Its Efficacy In Osteoarthritis by Humaira Majeed Khan Lvistmsa: Interactive Visual Tools For Multiple Sequence Alignments by Muhammad Tariq Pervez Mineral Profile In Ruminants Of Canal Lrrigated Districts Of Punjab And The Effect Of Dietary Cation Anion Diffference on Lactational Performance of Nili Ravi Buffaloes and Beetal Goats by Umar farooq Molecular And Serological Characterization Of Avian Influenza Viruses In Domestic And Wild Birds by Mobeen Sarwar Molecular And Serological Characterization Of Soilborne Francisella Tularensis by Javed Muhammad (2010-VA-65) Molecular Charaterization Of Ampk Gene Of Pakistan Buffalo by Waqas Ahmed Khan Molecular Detection And Speciation Of The Canme Piropiasm by Isma Nazli Bashir Molecular Epidemiology Of Mycobacterium At The Animal Human Interface And Its Co-Morbidity With Diabetes Mellitus by Zarfishan Tahir (2011-VA-624) Molecular Epidemiology, Biochemical and Antibiogram Studies of Staphylococcus Aureus Subclinical Mastitis in Chilistani Cows in District Bahawalpur by Abdul Qayyum (2012-VA-570) Molecular Genetic Study Of Oculocutaneous Albinism In Pakistani Population by Sajjad ali shah Molecular Identification And Treatment Of Theileriosis In Small Ruminants Of Northern Balochistan by Mir Ahmad Khan (2005-VA-214) Molecular Phylogeny And Diversity Analysis Of Bovidae (Boselaphus Tragocamelus, Antilope Cervicapra) And Cervidae (Axis Axis, Axis Porcinus) In Pakistan by Ghulam Abbas (2011-VA-748) Mutational Screening Of The RB1 Gene In Pakistani Patients With Retinoblastoma by Saeeda Kalsoom (2007-VA-555) Nutritional Evaluation Of Processed Hatchery Waste Meal And Its Utilization In Layer Diet by Athar Mahmud Observations On Causative Agent(S) Of Hydropericardium Syndrome (Angara Disease) In Chickens by Masood Rabbani Pathogenesis Of Aflatoxin B1 In Quails Under Experimental Conditions And Detoxification By Biological And Chemical Means by Sakhra Mahmood (2005-VA-251) Pathogenesis Of Salmonellosis With Respect To Carrier States In Poultry And Its Public Health Impact by Younus, M Pathology Of Experimental Enterotoxemia In Sheep And Goats by Azam Ali Nasir Pharmacokinetics Of Ketoprofen In Domestic Animals by Zaka-ur-Rehman Pharmacokinetics Of Meloxicam In Different Species by Khawaja Tahir Mahmood (2003-VA-207) Phenotypic And Genetic Aspects Of Some Performance Traits Of Buchi Sheep In Pakistan by Maqsood Akhtar Physical, Chemical and Biological Treatment of Rice Husk to Improve Its Nutrative Value by Rahat Naseer (2003-VA-196) Possible Causes Of Selective Lernaea Attack On Different Fish Species by Farzana Abbas Pre And Post-Moult Productive And Reproductive Performance Egg Geometry Quality And Meat Composition Of Four Varieties of Native Aseel Chicken by Zulfiqar ahmad Prevalance, Diagnosis and Economic Losses Due to Bovine Cysticercosis in Punjab by Muhammad saeed (2009-VA-254) Prevalence Of Caprine Mycoplasmosis In Different Areas Of Pakistan by Waseem Shahzad Prevalence Of Fasciolosis In Sheep And Goats Under Range Management Conditions In Azad Jammu And Kashmir by Imtiaz Ahmad (2009-VA-535) Prevalence, Identification And Pathogenesis Of Clostridium Chauvoei In Cattle And Buffaloes In Punjab by Muhammad Asif Idress Prevalence, Serodiagnosis And Zoonotic Importance Of Hydatidosis In Small Ruminants And Humans by Hafiz Javed Iqbal Production And Evaluation Of Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus Vaccine by Muhammad Aness Productive And Physiological Performance Of Nili-Ravi Buffaloes Under Various Housing Management Practices During Summer by Umair Younas (2002-VA-58) Productive Performance Of Four Close-Bred Flocks Of Japanese Quails With Different Body Weights And Its Effect on Subsequent Progeny Growth by Ahmed Sultan Proteomic And Genomic Analysis Of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus And Efficacy Of Indigenous Medicinal Plants Essential Oils by Sarwat Ali Raja Response Of Dietary Supplementation Of Β-Galacto-Oligosaccharides And Benzoic Acid On Growth Performance And Gastrointestinal Physiology In Broiler Chickens by Muhammad Shahbaz Yousaf (2007-VA-538) Response To Selection For Three Week Body Weight In Japanese Quail For Three Generations by Jibran hussain Rheological And Microstructural Study Of Commercial Cheddar And Mozzarella Cheeses By Using Farinograph by Saima Inayat Role Of Alpha-2-Adrenocepter Agonists As Sedative And Analgesic In Fancy Birds by Uzma Farid Durrani Roost Characteristics Food And Feeding Habits Of The Indian Flying Fox(Pteropus Giganteus) In Lahore by Tayiba Latif Gulraiz Season-Based Anatomical, Histological And Functional Modulations In Testes Of Nili-Ravi Buffalo Bulls In Sahiwal And Bahawalpur Divisions by Sajid Hameed (2012-VA-651) Seasonal Variations In Libido Semen Quality Freezability And Fertility Of Cholistani Bulls by Syed Aamer mahmood Seasonal Variations In The Testicular And Seminal Characteristics Of Cholistani Bulls by Umer Farooq Sero Epidemiology Transmission Dynamics And Hematological Studies On Neospora Caninum In Dairy Buffaloes by Amir Nasir Serodiagnosis And Chemotherapy Of Trypanasomiasis In Camels In Balochistan by Ihsan Ullah (2006-VA-245) Serodiagnosis, Epidemiology And Economic Improtance Of Hypodermosis In Goats In Balochistan by Saadullah Jan Seroepidemiology And Immunoprophylactic Trials Of Rabies In Dogs by Uzma Farid Durrani Seroepidemiology, Zoonotic Potential And Chemoprophylaxis Of Leishmaniasis In Dogs & Human In Pakistan by Haroon Duraani Serofpidemiology, Zoonotic Potential And Chemotherapy Of Neosporosis In Dogs And Cattle by Muhammad Mudasser Nazir Studies On Cyanide Toxicity In Ruminants by Muhammad Avais Studies On Genetic Diversity Of Labeo Rohita And Cirrhinus Mrigala By Using Molecular Markers In Punjab-Pakistan by Fayyaz Rasool Studies On Growth Performance, Morphology, Reproductive Traits And Behavioral Aspects Of Ring Necked Pheasants In Captivity by Sana Ashraf Studies On Pathogenesis And Molecular Characterization Of Contagious Caprie Pleuropnemonie In Small Ruminants by Umer Sadique Studies on Pathogenesis and Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus In Broiler Chicken by Beenish Zahid (2003-VA-134) Studies On Rats And Mice As A Reservoir Of Zoonotic Parasites by Muhammad Sarfaraz Ahmad Studies On The Effect Of Aflatoxin B1 On Growth And Histology Of Various Development Stages Of Catla Catla by Syedah Andleeb Studies On The Reproductive Biology And Induced Spawning Of Murrel, Channa Marulius by Muhammad Hafeez-ur-Rehman Study Of Candidate Genes Involved In Milk Production Traits For Identification Of Probable Biomarkers In Nili-Ravi Buffalo by Maryam Javed Study Of Factors Affecting Quality Of Silage As A Component Of Total Mixed Ration On Growth And Production Performance In Nili-Ravi Buffaloes by Rafi-Uddin (2004-VA-152) Study Of Pathogenesis Of Mycoplasma Gallisepticum In White Leg Horn Layer by Mubasher Rauf Surveillance Of Tuberculosis In Buffaloes, Cattle And Derectton Of Mycobacterium Bovis And Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in Food of Animal Origin by Muhammad Yasin Tipu Survival Of Probiotics In Yogurt Ice Cream by Hafiz Shahzad Muzammil The Bats Of Wheat- Rice Based Agroecosystem Of Punjab by Muhammad Shahbaz The Impact Of Community Based Animal Helth Services Delivery System On Epidemiological Parameters And Farmer'S by Farrukh nazir Toxicity And Immunomodulatory Activity Of Ketoprofen In Vitro And In Vivo by Dawood Ahmad Hamdani Toxicity Problems Associated With Declofenac In Avaian Species And Its Substitute by Muhammad Ramzan Welfare Assessment Of Wild Turkeys (Meleagris Gallopavo) Subjected To Free Range, Semiintensive And Confinement Rearing Systems by Irfan (2008-VA-724)