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082 _a547.75028 Copeland 13593 1st 1994 Food.Science
100 _aCopeland, Robert A.
245 1 0 _aMethods for Protein Analysis : A Practical Guide for Laboratory Protocols
250 _a1st ed.
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300 _a224 p. ;
520 _aAs protein science continues to become an increasingly important aspect of academic and commercial sciences and technology, the need has arisen for a ready source of laboratory protocols for the analysis and evaluation of these biological polymers. Methods for Protein Analysis presents the methods most relevant to the generalist bench scientist working with proteins. A concise yet thorough summary, it covers laboratory methods that can be reasonably performed in a standard protein laboratory, without specialized equipment or expertise. Taking a how to approach, this book examines the techniques used to answer common protein analytical questions and describes methods useful in daily laboratory work. Methods for Protein Analysis is the ideal reference for protein laboratories in academic, government and industrial settings. It is an essential benchtop manual for first-year graduate students beginning their laboratory experience as well as for chemists, biochemists, and molecular biologists in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food and specialty chemical industries, and for analysts concerned with the purity and structural integrity of protein. Featuring illustrations and a convenient spiral binding, this guide offers a glossary of common abbreviations and a list of suppliers for protein science.
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700 1 _aCopeland, Robert A.
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