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082 _a0334,T
100 _aIbrahim, M
110 _cMuhammed Sarwer Khan
245 _aEpidemiological Investigation Into Economically Important Livestock Diseases In District Murdan
260 _c1993
502 _aAn active surveillance was conducted in Tehsil Mardan. The data was collected by a Survey on the basis of comprehensive questionnaire through personal interview of livestock owners at their places. In pursuance of the present study the data was analysed and the main conclusions drawn were as under. The incidence, mortality and fatality rates due to H.S. were in young buffaloes 10.89% 10.39% and 95.45% respectively. In adult buffaloes were 5.92%, 4.24% and 71 .73% respectively. The incidence, mortality and fatality rates in young cattle were 2.45%, 2.30%, 93.75% respectively. While in adult cattle it was 1 .28%, 0.64% and 50% respectively. The Mortality rates of various diseases were as Black quarter disease 0.61% in Young and 0.88% in adult cattle. Haemoglobinurea in buffalo 0.32% and in cows 0.10% Diarrhoea in Buffalo 0.14% and in cattle was 0.21%, while diarrhoea in sheep 1.59% and in goats 1.12% post-parturient prolapse in buffalo 0.65% and 0.20% in cows. In case of foot and mouth disease in young buffaloes incidence was 14.52% and in adult 15.05%. In cattle incidence was 15.33% in young and in adult 13.97%. The incidence of mastitis in buffaloes, cattle and goats were 3.60% 2.51% and 2.65% respectively. In case of milk fever the incidence in buffaloes was 2.78% and 0.70% in cows. Similarly, the incidence in case of preparturient prolapse was 3.92% and 1 .30% respectively. The incidence of abortion in buffaloes and cattle was 1.14% and 1.20% respectively, while in case of sheep and goats it was 1 .84% and 2.65% respectively. In case of Enterotoxaemia in young goat the morbidity, mortality and fatality rates were 8.56% 7.37% and 86.00% respectively. In adult goats 6.99%, 5.54% and 79.31% respectively. In case of young sheep incidence, mortality and fatality rates were 5.62%, 5.29% and 94.11%, while in adult sheep it was8.83%, 6.41% and 72.51% respectively. A monetary toss of Rs. 9,44,992/- was estimated annually in buffaloes, cattle sheep and goats due to various diseases in surveyed area in District Mardan. It was evident from the information gathered from the respondents that the livestock owners residing at distant places from a veterinary Hospital were not able to utilize the hospital facilities properly.
650 _aDepartment of Clinical Medicine & Surgery
700 _aMubasher
700 _aMuhammed Athar Khan
710 _aFaculty of Veterinary Sciences
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999 _c2092