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100 _aAta ur Rehman Awan
110 _cDr. Haji Ahmad Hashmi
245 4 _aThe Host Reaction To Experimentally Induced Eimeria Infections In Broilers Chicks
260 _c1994
502 _aThe experiment was designed to study the host reaction to the experimentally induced Eimeria species in broiler chicks. For this purpose two hundred and twenty, one-day-old chicks were reared. At the age of day 3, they were divided randomly in four groups each comprising of 55 birds. They were named as A, B, C and D. The group A was kept as un-infected control, while group B, C and D, at the age of day 3, received a primary dose of 1000 virulent sporulated oocysts, through oral, intraperitoneal and subcutaneous routes respectively. The challenge doses of 50,000 virulent sporulated oocysts each were adminigtered to the members of each group B, C and D on days 13, 28 and 43 of age. The OPG counts in group A remained nil throughout the experiment the maximum OPG counts 65,500 were recorded in group B by the day 21. On the same day OPG counts of group C and D were also on the peak found to be 40,500 and 54,500 respectively. Three mortalities occurred in group B, 4 in C and 6 in group D. Similarly the maximum weight was attained by the members of group A (Control) i.e. 1750 gm, secondly by group B (oral) i.e. 1530 gm, thirdly group D (S/C) i.e. 1410 gm and fourthly group C (I/P) i.e. 1280gm. The difference in B was of 220gm, in C 470 gm, and in D 340 gm lesser as compared to group A.
650 _aDepartment of Parasitology
700 _aDr. Mohammad
700 _aDr. Mubasher Saeed Mian
710 _aFaculty of Veterinary Sciences
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