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100 _aDr. Fareed Ahmad Afzal
110 _cPrf.Dr. Azhar Maqbool
245 _aHelminthiasis In Children Upto Twelve Years Of Age And Their Effect On Different Blood Parameters
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502 _aHelminthic infections causing anemia are the major public health problems globally. Intestinal parasites are most prevalent in tropical countries. Tropical countries have mild climate and heavy rains which are breeding grounds for parasites. The present study was conducted to determine the frequency of intestinal helminthic infections in two to twelve years old children at three different hospitals of lahore. For this purpose, a total of 250 stool samples were examined for the presence of various endoparasites. Stool samples were examined by direct smear and floatation techniques. Identification of eggs was made on the basis of morphological characteristics. 250 blood samples of the same children were also collected for the determination of haemoglobin level. Haemoglobin determination was done by haematology analyzer (Sysmex- model number KX-21). In this way association of parasitic infections with anemia was done. Prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections was noted in children according to age and gender, among different hospitals of lahore and among children whose family members had received different levels of education. The present study has also dealt with the relationship between haemoglobin levels along with their means and standard deviation. Out of the total 250 stool samples examined, it was found that 29 samples were infected with a prevalence of (11.6%). Out of these 29 samples, there were 13(44.82%) cases of Ascaris lumbricoides, 8(27.58%) cases of Hymenolepis nana, 6(20.68%) cases of Taenia saginata and 2(6.89%) cases of Hookworm. The level of haemoglobin in these children ranged from 3.7gm/dl to 9.8 gm/dl. This indicates that there is a relationship between helminthiasis and anemia.
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