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100 _aAhmad Nawaz
110 _cProf.Dr.Masroor Elahi Babar
245 _aIdentification Of Molecular Markers In Bmp15 Gene Of Different Pakistan Sheep And Goat Breeds
260 _c2011
502 _aGenetics of prolificacy in sheep and goat emphasize the importance of main genes which have been made known to affect litter size and rate of ovulation through various mechanisms. Natural mutations in prolific sheep and goat breeds have shown that the transforming growth factor beta (TGF-?) super family ligands such as bone morphogenetic protein 15 is crucial for ovulation and as well as for increasing litter size. Keeping in view the importance of prolificacy in sheep and goat, a research project was planed to identify the polymorphism, its association with fecundity and uncovering the nucleotide picture of BMP15 fecundity gene in sheep and goat breeds of Pakistan. In the research finding, various polymorphism, insertion and deletion of nucleotides in goat and sheep breeds of Pakistan were identified and associated with fecundity and secondly, some novel polymorphism in Pakistani goat and sheep breeds were identified which are different from the goat and sheep breeds of the world. This is the first report of the whole nucleotide of BMP15 gene in the sheep. A lot of work has been reported on these genes but total nucleotide picture in the sheep is not reported. Sequences of Bmp15 gene from sheep and goat breeds of Pakistan has been submitted to the NCBI GenBank database libraries,USA under accession numbers JN655669, JN655670, JN655671 and JN655672. It will result in fast vertical expansion of small ruminants to increase the mutton production and uplift the socio economic condition of small ruminant's farmers in the country.
650 _aDepartment of Animal Nutrition
650 _aPhd. thesis
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700 _aProf. Dr. Khalid Javed
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