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100 _aImtiaz Aziz
110 _cProf. Dr. Azhar Maqbool
245 _aPrevalance Of Endoparasites In Common Carnivorous Fish In Lahore.
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502 _aDue to intensification of fish culture practices, there is more likely the occurrence of various diseases in general and parasitic in specific in fish. However, there is a paucity of information regarding the prevalence of various parasites in local fish especially fishes of fresh water. Therefore, the present study has been planned to investigate the prevalence of various parasites of the gastrointestinal tract and liver of Wallago attu(Malee) ,Rita rita (Khaga), Channa marulius(Saul) and Mystus seenghala(Seenghari). Therefore, it was hypothesized that there is a variation in the occurrence of various endoparasites in various species of fish. A total fifty gut samples from each of breed of fish (Wallago attu (Malee),Rita rita (Khaga), Channa marulius(Saul) and Mystus seenghala(Seenghari) were collected from various fish markets located in Lahore City like Bhatti Gate, Samnabad, Tollinton Market, and were analyzed to determine the prevalence of various endoparasites in the intestine. The gut samples were collected in 0.9% physiological saline and were preserved in 4% formalin. The recovered parasites were fixed and identified on the basis of morphology to calculate the prevalence rate. The data thus collected was analyzed using a Pearson's chi-square. Results showed that out of 65 fish samples collected from Tollinton market that included Rita rita (n = 20), Wallago attu (n = 15), Channa marulius (n = 15) and Mystus seenghala (n = 15), 7 (10.76%) samples of gut harbored various parasites. Similarly, the prevalence rate of parasites in two other localities were 17.39% in Bhatti-gate fish market and 18.18% in Samanabad Fish market. The overall prevalence rate was found to be 15.5%. There was no statistical difference in the prevalence rate when data was assorted on the basis of localities. Both single and mixed infections were noted in fishes collected from all three localities and all four species of fresh water fish. The various parasites revocered from the intestines of the gut from all species included P. heteropneustus Cucullanus sp., Cucullanus sp., Phyllodistomum sp. and R. magna.
650 _aDepartment of Parasitology
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700 _aProf. Dr. Kamran Ashraf
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