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245 1 4 _aThe Nutrition of Goats
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520 _aThis report is a comprehensive review of published information on the body composition and digestive physiology of temperate zone goats, the composition of their products, meat, milk and fiber, their voluntary feed intake, and their associated energy, protein, mineral and vitamin requirements. The systematic approach is similar to that of earlier reviews of ruminant nutrient requirements published by the Agricultural Research Council in 1980 and 1984, which are factorial in nature. In particular the energy and protein requirements are expressed in terms of Metabolisable Energy (ARC 1980, AFRC 1990) and Metabolisable Protein (AFRC1992), using the models for cattle and sheep as appropriate. The requirements for calcium and phosphorus have been calculated utilizing the factors specified in a separate AFRC report published in 1991. The report also identifies areas where there is a lack of research data specific to goats, recourse having to be made to published data for sheep (particularly for voluntary feed intake and the nutrient requirements of pregnancy) or cattle, as most appropriate. The review has 49 tables covering all aspects of the subject, and is fully referenced. It represents an authoritative review for advanced students, research workers and advisors in animal nutrition.
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