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082 _a540 Baker 15756 24th 1997 Food.Science
100 1 _aBaker, Christopher G J.
245 1 0 _aFood Industries Manual / 24th ed
250 _a24th ed.
260 _aUSA:
300 _a650 p. ;
520 _aIt is a measure of the rapidity of the changes The work has been revised and updated, and taking place in the food industry that yet another following the logic of the flow sheets there is some edition of the Food Industries Manual is required simplification and rearrangement among the chap after a relatively short interval. Food Packaging now merits a separate pleasure to be involved in the work and we hope chapter and some previous sections dealing mainly that the results will continue to be of value to with storage have been expanded into a new readers wanting to know what, how and why the chapter covering Food Factory Design and Opera� food industry does the things which it does. tions. For this edition we have made a major depar� There is one completely new chapter, entitled ture from the style of earlier editions by comple� Alcoholic Beverages, divided into Wines, Beers tely revising the layout of many of the chapters. and Spirits. There is a strain of thought which Previously the chapters were arranged as a series does not yet consider the production of those of notes on specific topics, set out in alphabetical drinks to be a legitimate part of the food industry, order in the manner of an encyclopaedia.
650 _aFood industry and trade
650 _aFood industry
650 _aFood Science and human nutrition
700 1 _aRanken, M.D.
700 1 _aKill, R.C.
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