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082 _a637.5 Sim 15542 1st 1994 Dairy
100 1 _aSim, Jeong S.
245 1 0 _aEgg Uses and Processing Technologies :
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520 _aThere has been a significant decline in many developed countries in the per capita consumption of eggs over the last 30 years. This poses a major challenge to the egg industry which is seeking to develop new products and processing technologies to maintain its position. Much recent research has been directed at finding non-food uses for eggs and at modifing egg chemistry to improve their nutritional value. This book addresses these issues and consists of 34 papers by international authorities from around the world, including North America, East Asia, Europe and Australia. It is divided into five parts and the papers are revised versions of those presented at the First International Symposium on Non-Conventional Egg Uses and Newly-emerging Processing Technologies, held in Banff, Canada, in 1992. The book is a unique reference source for research workers in both the academic sector and in industry, concerned with poultry science, food science and technology, and human nutrition.
650 _aDairy Technology
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