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100 _aSeymour, Chris.
245 1 0 _aBSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Anaesthesia and Analgesia
250 _a2nd ed.
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520 _aThe administration of safe and reliable anaesthesia is important for all veterinary surgeons, and good control of pain after injury, either traumatic or surgical, is one of the most important ethical responsibilities. This new edition has retained the broad sections from the previous edition - Basic principles, Pharmacology and Anaesthetic management in specific clinical situations - but the new co-editorial team has added a new section on Pain assessment and management. Anaesthetic equipment, patient monitoring and anaesthetic accidents and emergencies are covered in much greater detail, and the chapters on pharmacology and specific patient management have been revised or completely rewritten. The book is aimed primarily at veterinary surgeons and students, but nurses and technicians will also find a wealth of useful information.
650 _aVeterinary anesthesia
650 _aVeterinary analgesia
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650 _aDog
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