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020 _a8170337259 (hardcover)
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082 _a630 Acharya 15526 Vol.1 2002 Agriculture
100 _aAcharya, S.S.
245 1 0 _aSustainable Agriculture, Poverty and Food Security Vol.1
250 _a1st ed.
260 _aNew Delhi:
_bRawat Publications,
300 _a954 p. ;
490 1 _a2 vols.
520 _a"Asian countries have made significant strides during the last few decades in transforming their agriculture and rural economies. In spite of the wide-ranging institutional changes and impressive achievements in food security, these economies still house bulk of the world's poor. In the changing global economic scenario, they are now facing new challenges of improving food and nutrition security at the household level, poverty reduction and sustainable agriculture. The Third Conference of the Asian Society of Agricultural Economists (ASAE) on "Sustainable Agriculture, Poverty and Food Security in Asia: The Perspectives for the 21st Century" rightly focussed on these issues in the Asian context. The present book, in its two volumes, puts together thoroughly revised and edited versions of papers presented in the conference. It will be of value to policy makers, development administrators, public analysts and the academic community all over the developing world."
650 _aSustainable agriculture
650 _aAgriculture--Economic aspects
650 _aFood supply
700 1 _aAsian Society of Agricultural Economists
700 1 _aSingh, Surjit.
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